Study Materials for the Exams

These are the study materials used to pass ECFVG and/or PAVE exams.  These were generously shared by previous candidates, hoping that this information will help you accomplish your dream!

Dr. P. L (Taiwan)
Passed QE (Sep 2012).  Study materials used:, and Veterinary Review Flash Cards vol1 and 2. .  Word of advice: "Physiology is fundamental"

Dr. T. R. (Brazil)
Passed BCSE (Dec 2011) and NAVLE (Apr 2012).  Study materials used: Pasquini books, web reviews and videos, zuku review for BCSE and vetprep for NAVLE.

Dr. A. T. (Taiwan)
Passed BCSE (Dec 2011).  Study materials used: vetprep,, and Veterinary Medical Terminology 3rd ed.  Word of advice: "find a study buddy(ies) to keep you motivated"

Dr. Y. A. (Japan)
Passed QE (Jan 2012).  Study materials used:  zukureview.comVeterinary Medical Terminology 3rd ed, and Veterinary Review Flash Cards vol1 and 2.  Word of advice: "don't just purchase the materials, use them and really study with them"