"Learning will be painful at first: it always is.  Accept that as part of the process and you will learn, and the pain will stop being an issue as it turns into growth." 
- Petre M. and Rugg G. The Unwritten Rules of PhD Research 2011.

Welcome to Yoko's Vet Review, an online platform to study Veterinary Medicine without borders. I feel that each of you, just like me, are here on this site because something about becoming a veterinarian in the U.S. inspires you. This site is intended for foreign veterinarians trying to obtain the license to practice in the U.S.  But this site is also for anybody in the world regardless of the place, language (as long as you know a bit of English!), situation who are purely interested in Veterinary Medicine (i.e. Veterinary students, technicians, etc.).

This is a pretty hockey pokey (hey, I only majored in Veterinary Medicine, not in Computer Science :-P) growing site. If you have any comments, feedback, questions, please email me at vetyoko223@yahoo.com.